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Quality and safety for our guests

The Management of the Anissa Beach & Village Hotel, located in Anissaras of Crete, as part of the actions taken in order to manage food safety, having as its guiding principle the provision of high quality services, the sustainable use of food and the safety of its customers, has formulated the following Food Safety Policy.

The Hotel and its Management are committed to:

  •  provide food & beverages of high safety and quality
  •  ensure them from hazzards, protecting the health of the guests and consumers as a whole and to ensure the bilaterally agreed requirements of the customers for food safety
  • comply with the legislative and regulatory provisions


For the success of the above, the company takes care of:

  •  To use excellent raw materials from evaluated suppliers
  •  To train the staff who handle food on matters of food hygiene and safety.
  •  To monitor the quality of its products by strictly applying the Food Safety and Hygiene System in accordance with the international standard ISO22000
  •  To review the suitability and effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System it implements.
  •  To monitor and control its activities, having established measurable objectives.
  •  Address communication issues appropriately
  •  To monitor and control its activities, having established measurable objectives.
  •  To Address communication issues appropriately
  •  To monitor its customers and ensure the documentation of their opinion regarding the level of products and services it offers
  •  To analyze the data produced with the aim of continuous improvement of the hotel and the final satisfaction of the customer.


The security policy is reviewed for continued suitability.
The food safety policy is communicated, implemented and adhered to at all levels & our staff at all levels and our suppliers are aware of the Hotel Food Safety Policy and are obliged to contribute to its implementation.
The Hotel Management is committed to support the implementation of the Policy.

Hotel Management


We are here for your safe holiday in Crete

Dear guests,

Anissa Beach & Village in Crete offers you beautiful and safe holidays.

We undertake all measures for the safety of our guests prescribed by the Greek government (Government Gazette 2084/30.05.2020 and related updates) and our plan of action also includes further measures for the safety of our guest.

Please find below all measures in detail (these may change depending on the legal requirements of the Greek government):

  • COVID-19-Management Team:
    Nikos P. Kontakis (General Manager)
    Katerina Nikoloudaki (Assistant Manager)
    Nikos Karakatsanis (Assistant Manager F&B)
    Jorgos Kopidakis (Doctor)
    Sylvia Michopoulos (Secretary to the Management)
  • Co-operation with a doctor (office at the hotel – possibility of performing PCR tests)
  • Training of all employees by public bodies (Hotel Chamber of Greece, Region of Crete, Greek National Health Service) in prevention and handling of COVID-19 cases
  • Certificate “Health First” by public bodies under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Tourism
  • Certificate “Covid Shield” (TÜV Austria)
  • Certificate “HACCP”
  • Weekly rapid-test for all employees (except completely vaccinated employees)
  • Daily temperature measurement of all employees before start of shift
  • Safety-equipment for all employees
  • The mask requirement both in outdoor and indoor areas is lifted from June 1st, 2022. The hygiene and distance regulations continue to apply.
  • Disinfection carpets in all entrance areas to disinfect the shoes
  • Collection of customer data (name, nationality, arrival / departure date, address, telephone number, email address) for possible follow-up (taking into account data protection / GDPR)


  • Reception equipped with “sneeze guards”
  • Electronic check-in
  • Disinfection of room keys and key cards
  • UVC air filter for bacterial and viral disinfection of the area



  • Marks for safety distance in all public areas
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of public areas
  • Antiseptics in all public areas



  • Disinfection of each room after departures
  • Check-out until 11:00 h, check-in from 15:00 h (to allow enough time for disinfection)
  • Antiseptics in all rooms



  • Antiseptic at the restaurant entrances
  • UVC air filter for bacterial and viral disinfection of the restaurants
  • Buffets equipped with “sneeze guards”
  • Self service at our buffets
  • Extended show cooking area
  • Beverage service by our employees
  • Distance between tables according to the law regarding safety
  • Coordination of traffic by 3 different entrance times for dinner in the main restaurant



  • Animation program in accordance to the law (distance, no team sports)
  • Mini-Club activities also in the Mini-Club-building



  • Distance between the sets of 2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella at the swimming pool and at the beach according to the law regarding safety (except families)
  • Disinfection of sunbeds after each use
  • Indoor swimming pools is open


Holidays will be different, but we will take care that they will be beautiful and safe!